Healthcare Diagnosis

Healthcare Diagnosis





Healthcare Diagnosis

The physician may choose to communicate with the patients to determine the nature of the health problem during diagnosis.  However, in the cases where the physicians discourage communication, they may choose to use the various signs to determine some diseases or major on performing tests in the laboratory for accurate diagnosis (Rittenhouse & Shortell, 2009).  The communication to the patient in most cases doesn’t lead to adequate and accurate diagnosis since the patient’s information cannot fully assist in the making a symptom for a particular condition. Therefore, even in the use of communication, there has been an aspect of performing a test to check on the various sights. For example, when a patient tests negative during a malarial test, then the patient has malaria, and therefore the patient will be diagnosed with malaria. The same cases can happen with other conditions through the application of test machines.

In most cases, when something happens, for example, a student misbehaved during the process of acquiring medical education, the student will be terminated or suspended for sometimes from school and then come back to continue with other students. Therefore, it’s such immoral primarily a medical student to indulge in unethical behavior, and they are expected to be respectful.  However, I think in the case of suspension for a period that is past one month, the student should not be allowed to come and join the other students but to start from where he or she left. This should be even with the once who absent because of various illnesses and other issues in life. They should be allowed to go through the entire course without a single absenteeism (Rittenhouse & Shortell, 2009).


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