Healthcare Discussion

Healthcare Discussion






I want to thank you for posting on the issue surrounding the controversy on public health.  I want to agree with you on the level of the controversial problems that have been a concern to the individual and the society as a whole. It’s true that some of the individuals believe that the cost that is being charged is diverse from the benefits given to the patients (Schneider & Schneider, 2017). The article that you have stated from Frieden (2006) explains the levels of controversy to the great extent that is beyond the individual setups. I like the philosophical aspect that you have stated from the author by the autonomy that is the directive on self-reliance or the choice of the individual. Moreover, the example that you have given apparently depicts the controversy from the public on the health program providing lessons on sex factors.

Moreover, the statistical information to be collected from various communities around indicates the level of accuracy expected is high. The statistics on their meager income and the effect on their health is an efficient method to display the standard. The plan that you have used to derive information from both the religious and community level shows the extensive nature of the research process that is to be carried out. Moreover, the information that you have displayed is consistent and to the point. In the post, you have also used the various examples to show some level of coherence and understanding. The reference that you have used is also adequate and to the point according to the task that is expected on the controversy. Moreover, regards and continue to write on the other issues as well (Frieden, 2016).


Frieden, T.R. (2016). Government’s Role Protecting Health and Safety. The New England Journal of Medicine. 368:1857-1859. DOI: 10.1056/NEJMp1303819

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