Does morality depends on Religion

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Does morality depends on Religion

The relationship between morality and religion has brought more discussion on whether the current moral concern in the society depends on religion. The present civilization has depended more on the moral value provided with the existence of God. The divine theory command states that the ethical principles are the commands of God given to the people to guide life. However, other people have claimed that if God had made morality, then he would not have allowed the aspect of unnecessary suffering to exist. Therefore, the paper will discuss on the dilemma whether morality depends on religion (Christians & Clifford).

Despite the several questions on the relationship between Religion and morality, the society still believes that God is the author moral life and ethical behavior. According to the divine theory, with the absence of God, there would be no good morals and bad morals. This medium is perhaps vivid on the moral lessons that are being taught in religious gathering today on the efficient way of life. The religious groups through the commands of God have promoted the aspect of loving one another and the issue such as ‘’do not steel’’ among others that have guided the way of life of most people who believe that there is God (Christians & Clifford).


However, it’s much inconvenient to say that the social principles of ethics are outlined in the commands of God, and nothing is extracted. According to Kant, despite the claim that morality is independent of God, God is necessary for morality. These indicate that the connectivity between religion and morality cannot be broken by claims without much backing. Therefore, the society’s moral life depends on the teachings from religious aspects.

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