the school culture and the external environment



The school culture and the external environment

School culture is not just one thing but an elementary of values, beliefs, shared the tradition and a particular civilization that takes place either inside or outside the school. Therefore, to find out on the low school climate score of the Clark Atlanta elementary school, a study on the nature of the school culture or external environments with an objective to realize an increase in the academic performance. Therefore, according to the school administrator, the school performance is affected by the norms that states students should not be punished even when they have made a mistake. These have led to the students developing a lousy culture at the school. Moreover, an interview report with outside parents indicated that students are not supposed to be forced to learn but should be allowed to concentrate on their line of interest. 

The environment outside the school such as parental care was a concerned that was raised by some of the students and parents. The students lack the caring attitude of the parents to check on them and perhaps check on their achievements. It was vivid that most of the parents concentrate on their business rather than testing the performance of the students. One of the parents was asked on how often he checks on the child’s daily reports confirmed that he is too busy with business to ensure that I pay the school fees and their daily needs. These showed clearly that a decline in the performance of the students at Clark Atlanta School is attached to the unconcerned parents who don’t understand how their children fare in school. Moreover, the students have lacked motivation from both the parents and guardians as far as matters of education is concerned and this has led to the decrease In the performance rate for the students in the school.

Outcomes of the action plans

The study performed on the issue of performance of the students have concurred that the performance of the students is related to the school climate factors. Therefore, the students in schools having a positive school culture have shown positive higher achievements concerning academic performance. It’s vivid that creating and maintaining a positive school culture and external environment should be an essential role of the school administrator to ensure that the students have a conducive learning environment from both the school and back in the society to improve the learning activity at school. Therefore, proper schools depend on a strong sense of purpose and leadership. It’s recommended that principals must steer their staffs, students and community in a common direction in the bid to establish and create a set of norms, goals, and objectives of the describing their vision of learning and the overlap objective of the school. Moreover, a school administrator has the role to play in advising the parents to take their children education seriously since they have a strong influence in shaping a school culture.

The steps to determine the success of a plan

  • Ensure that the action plan is complete by listing all the necessary action steps or perhaps the changes that are to be carried out in the process.
  • Making sure that the project is clear and precise. For example demonstrating the role of the principals and the administrator in the promotion of a positive school culture has been vividly stated.
  • Is the action plan meeting the current work performed in the school? For example, the administrator is currently trying to involve the parents in checking the welfare of their children in school.
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