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Interview section





Question: what career path have you passed through before you become an elect in city council?

Alex Wan: well, I served as the president of Optical Inc. an architectural engineering consulting firm.  This took place 1993-2009 and many others as the Director of Development of Jerusalem house.

Question: What led you to seek for election for the city council?

Alex Wan: I wanted to serve the society and since city council is one area of government that directly serves the community I opted to join the team.

Summary of the interview

The interview with Alex Wan the city council member of Atlanta took place through the email, and various responses were obtained. In the interview, five open-ended questions were asked, and the respondent managed to answer all the questions. The first question was about how his education experience assisted in his current job at city council. He responded by saying that education is perhaps a vital tool in a person’s life. The lessons learned at schools assist in all the career opportunities that a person meets in his or her life such as in his case he learned how to manage finances and some leadership skills that assist him in the city council job since it involves the society.

Moreover, the next question involved the value of his education experience and whether he considers it valuable. Mr. Alex Wan responded and made it clear that his educational experience is vital for his level of achievement and steps in the career path. Therefore, throughout the studies, he developed the passion for serving to serve the society especially the needy and this perhaps what motivated him to go for an election process on the position the of city council. Moreover, he said that understanding the society was an essential aspect of his education life. Therefore, I know that his motivation originates from his education process and social life.

The next question was about the essential values in his life that he learned in school. According to him, the most important values that he acquired based on the ethical concerns are being honest and faithful in whatever you handle in life. Moreover, apart from the two moral values, he developed the aspect of empathy and service to the society as the critical role in his life. The empathy is based on the support for the less fortunate people in the community such as the one faced with severe conditions like Cancer and HIV/AIDs. He believes that these people suffer a lot such as lack of food and care while nursing while in those conditions or situations.

The next question was about the different career paths that he passed through before becoming a member of City council in Atlanta. According to the response, he had become a president of the Optical Inc. an architectural engineering firm between the years 1993-2009. Moreover, he worked as the director of development in the house of Jerusalem for some couple years before he sought for an election for the city council member. Additionally, I asked him about what led him to seek for city council job leaving other jobs such as the president of Optical Inc. He said that he wanted to serve the society and through that, he thought working as the member of City council would make him interact more with people’s problems and situations.

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