Leaders shadow experience

Leaders shadow experience




Shadowing experience at Mays High school

On Friday 3rd November 2017, I shadowed and observed Dr. Douglas Sanders who is Assistant Principal Business & Entrepreneurship Fine Arts & P.E. Instructional Leader at Mays high school. Since the school is small, they only have one assistant principal with 1700 students. His day begins every morning at around 7:15 by first performing the bus duties and controlling the student at the Packing lot before the school and class begin. The learning structure of the school has been built on the analogy that small is better and easy to manage. They have various communities such as science and mathematics, business and entrepreneurship, mass communication and academy of leadership. 

Therefore, after the Packing and bus duties, he comes back to the office at around 8:00 to check if any parents are waiting for him or perhaps any calls while he was away on other duties. Seeing that there was none, he walked across the classrooms stocking out his head to announce and make the students and teachers feel the presence of the administrator. According to him, they do that being visible or presence of the school administrators will keep any disciplinary issues at bay. The morning hour’s operation is essential to check on any floors that have not been mopped or is perhaps dirty. Dr. Douglas said that he had to address this because the principal was away for some activities based meetings on behalf of the schools.

Therefore, as the morning progressed, Dr. Douglas began the duty of going through the after-school detection lists and reassigned the detection to the ones who had not performed their assignment. At around 9:25, I observed the school’s student break time. During the break, the assistant principal continues with the duty of reassigning detection and giving out the punishments for the write-ups for disciplinary. The process continued up to around 11:20 where the secretary called and stated that the 7th and 8th-grade teachers are requesting for his presence due a disturbance that is being caused by one of the students whom he had spoken to over disciplinary issue that morning. The student was rude and disrespectful in speech and talks to the available adults. Dr. Douglas, on the other hand, was calm but direct to the student to calm the situation. He called the parents of the students to address the issue concerned by indiscipline. He stated that though he has a problem with the kind of punishment that was issued to the students he would not allow the student to talk that strong to the teachers. Dr. Douglas had the best approach of talking to the parents which we can allocate to be a professional way and a positive spin. He knows and understands the importance of keeping a good and positive communication between the school and home for maintaining an active relationship. He did the routine in all the students whom he came across. Moreover, he states that keeping accurate records is essential.

The day progressed, and lunch approached, and the assistant principal continued to monitor and provide his presence during the lunchtime. The students come out, served and entered the dining halls. During this, the time it was a good time for Dr. Douglas and sad time for the students who had not hearken to his punishment. However, I think this should be a time for students to eat after such lessons and not involved in the carrier away punishments. Apart from punishing the disrespectful students, he took a walk through the hallway and classroom to check on the order and perhaps checking on the security issues while the students are eating. Moreover, it was the right time for him to monitor the other operations like reviewing and following up on the lessons updates to find out whether any teacher had skipped any lesson.

Immediately after lunch and the students had settled for afternoon lessons, at around 2:30 a consultant from the regional educational services agencies came to visit the mathematics classrooms and lessons that were still going on for math. Dr. Douglas too the consultant around through all the classes and he answers some of the questions based on math performance identified so far. The consultant came to find out if the math test series that was adopted is rightfully meeting the needs of the students and to check whether the teachers have some issues or concern over the program. After the patrol, Dr. Douglas and the consultant meet to confirm and discuss the concern to the school. The consultant gave out some instructional matters requiring the assistant principal to address during the next staff meeting with some of the involved teachers. The consultant left, and Dr. Douglas comes back to continue with the constant monitoring and controlling of the schools. The remainder of the day was spent with some disciplinary issues. Therefore, with only one hour left for the school day, he walked around the hallway and visited the classroom to ensure that there is order and his presence is felt all over the school. According to constructive theory, when the leader is present, the students adhere to instructions.

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