Stress in families today

Stress in families today



Interview with stress in families

Stress in the families has become a global issue and concern. Therefore, about the matter, I requested an interview session with Mr. Johnson who owns a counseling firm and also a pastor in one of the churches in the Town. Personally, I choose the person for the interview based on the rumor that goes that most of the psychologist has failed to handle their families due to the pressure of life that they try to manage. Moreover, I also involved him because I watched him handle the issue of stress in the families in one of the media department in the air. Therefore, I wanted to find out some information on the issue of stress in the families and perhaps to check on the information about the rumor or propaganda. Below are the questions and the response from Mr. Johnson.


Question: Could you share with me a bit about your family you grew up in, including the adults and children in the home?

Mr. Johnson: I grew up in a humble family of ten where I was the firstborn. Half of the family was my real family while the rest were cousins. The adults in the family were around four while the rest were children. Perhaps this number excludes my mum and dad. Our home was full, and we had much to do with the adults.

Question: Could you share with me your current family situation – how many children you have? Their ages?

Mr. Johnson: Definitely, am married to one beautiful wife with two children that is a boy and girl. The boy is called James after the grandfather while the girl is called Valarie. The Boy is 12 years old while the girl is eight years of age.

Question: Please describe any stress you are experiencing now, or have experienced in the past, related to raising your children.

Mr. Johnson: perhaps, I had a bit of stress in the direction that my son was following. As a religious father, I wanted my son to follow the same direction, but unfortunately, I learned that his in the direction of playing football. These tormented me for some time, but I come to realize that I can’t force him to follow my line.

Question: Please describe any stress you are experiencing now, or have experienced in the past, related to housing for your family.

Mr. Johnson: when we had our first born, we had to move to a spacious apartment where our children could access various commodities like swimming pool as they grew up. At first, I was not ready for this due to the large fund that was involved, but I understood the case, and we moved into a better apartment.

Question: Please describe any stress you are experiencing now, or have experienced in the past, related to the responsibilities of work and the responsibilities of family.

Mr. Johnson: I am the psychologist by profession, and in my entire career work I have handled more of stress in families. The significant stress comes in most cases where a client calls at very odd hours to handle a situation that would turn worse in the case I decide to ignore. Most of the times, it coincides with the time that I want to bond with my family especially my wife. Sometimes, it becomes tricky to make the decision based on the situation, and I may decide to absorb a quarrel from my wife but save a life outside theirs. In the real sense, it’s very tricky to balance since my family needs me at this time and at the same time the society needs me.

Question: Please describe any stress you have experienced due to finances.

Mr. Johnson:  I had lost my job in a non-governmental organization where I was working as a counselor. This took place one week to the time when my wife gave birth to our second. I had no savings, and I took my wife to a public healthcare away from my expectation as I check for friends and family members to assist me financially.

Question:  Please describe any stress you have experienced related to extended family

Mr. Johnson: perhaps, this took place at our home where we lived with extended families like the cousin. It was a hard life for our parents and the adults in providing for the large family. We had a notorious brother who would fight with the cousins telling them to go back to their families. It was hard to manage the family, and I salute my parents for the hard work.

Question:  When looking for help and support, what resources do you find the most helpful? (Family, friends, community?)

Mr. Johnson: my friends have been necessary.

Question: Hopefully, you found support, but were there any individuals or groups that were discouraging or unhelpful?

Mr. Johnson: some of my friends would disappoint me by talking bad about my situation. Some of them would promise and later fails to hearken to their promise.

Question: What guidance or suggestions would you make to someone who asked what you think works best to minimize stress?

Mr. Johnson: First, it’s important to recognize the cause of the stress. For example, take note of the situation that makes you feel fed up. It is also advisable to understand that every problem or stress has a solution which depends on your view of it. Secondly, share the situation with some trusted relatives or close friends who can come in to assist you. Therefore, avoid keeping problems for yourself since everyone faces awkward moments that can be worse than yours, for a problem shared is half solved.

Personal reactions

I think that stress is a situation that can be handled, thinking is advisable exceptionally positive thoughts that can improve the living standard but too much of it is harmful, and extended stress can lead to depression.

From the interview, I learned that stress comes from family members and the pressure of providing and meeting their needs. In most cases, some stress emerges when children follow a different direction other than the one intended for them by their parents. Moreover, I have learned from Mr. Johnson that some hard situations should be ignored. I have also learnt that most of the pressures that overwhelm the breadwinners in the family are the level that we have set beyond our budget and monthly earnings. I have learnt that a good balance between our expenditure and earning will reduce some stressful moments that come in the line of finances.

The society needs to understand that being stressful does not solve the situation. Stress is an emotional pressure that comes from various conditions in life such as interaction with other people such as friends and families. Moreover, people should understand that stress has a solution and it can be solved when you begin by understanding the cause and then involve others who can assist you. It’s also important to ignore or leave any hard situation that you cannot solve. It is also advisable that when we understand our families according to the levels of finances.

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