Atlanta Clark University Audit system

Atlanta Clark University Audit system




The main aim of Clark Atlanta University is to provide quality education to the students. Therefore, this is only possible when there is the reasonable management system that operates under the guidelines of taking care of the needs of the students daily. The university has an organizational layout that is headed by the board of trustees followed by the president of the school. The line of the student is directed by VP student’s affairs and the dean of students who are responsible for checking out the affairs of the students on a daily basis. Therefore, an audit was carried out that reported that Clark Atlanta University lacks daycare.

Statement of the problem

To provide an efficient and effective education system with perhaps an equal environment for students, they need to improve the daycare operations that would check on the daily affairs of the students. Additionally, the procedure should not be costly to the University since good grades are the results that they require and not just to watch the student’s performance shift to other levels. A proper daycare will ensure that the needs of the students are taken care of especially the ones that might hinder their performance. The University has a counseling and disability department under student affairs that should provide daycare services to the students. Most of the students are perceived to have some inbuilt problems and pressure that originates from either the parents or the outside environment such as friends and relatives. Some of the students might have lots of pressure from the massive assignment, or they may not like the way some lecturers conduct the lectures. The problem correlates with Georgia first standard of leadership that states ‘’ Candidates who complete the program are teacher leaders who will facilitate the design and implementation of sustained, intensive, and job-embedded professional learning based on identified student and teacher needs.’’ 

Methods of investigation

The issue to be addressed is the absence of daycare at Clark Atlanta University. These indicate that the students do not have a daily auxiliary or support system that is usually provided by other institutions. Therefore, I would ask the head of student’s affairs that the VP student affairs and the Dean to evaluate their roles and see what they can do to the students based on the daycare. I would request the dean of the students to create a student’s portal where they can place their request whenever they have a problem. The portal should be able to run all through, and all the needs of the students attended to adequately. Moreover, I would suggest that the student centers that serve the students on a daily basis like eating malls, transport systems, and others to be furnished well.


The process of improving the student’s centers and the transport system should be done for one year. The counseling departments should also be active during this period to make sure that the students are not under any pressure. Then, the performance should be monitored as the services are provided. Consequently, the process should be preceded with the student’s affairs department refraining from performing the students’ needs and wants, as a result, is being recorded. During the period, the student’s daycare system should be withdrawn.

Data collection

A questionnaire system of the investigation was used to find out the relevant information. Moreover, about 30 students were asked to fill a questionnaire, and they were also asked to write anything they feel could improve the student’s performance. Most of the student’s interview was mainly from the leadership side to get their views. Furthermore, the common students were not left behind but were also included since their responses were significant. During the process of investigation, the participants were allowed to give information freely without being forced to improve the accuracy level of the collection system. Additionally, the student affairs departments also took part in the sampling system. The process continued for around two months to ensure that the result is compared accurately. However, I would add that the rightful participants and environment for carrying out the research should be on the school premises. The students who seem to have problems should be the priority. All the same, the entire process was efficient since reports showing the absence of daycare was released.

Conclusion and reflection

The daycare operations in schools are significant to ensure that the students have a right environment for learning. The role of daycare is to ensure that all the essential needs and attention that the students require are provided. Most of the students under minimal pressure combined with an efficient learning environment perform best compared to the students under the pressure of life and education as well. Therefore, just like we have heard that stress affects the efficient operation of the body system, thus a student is required to be free from stress to concentrate in class. Therefore, an institution with a working daycare system will eventually experience a robust in the performance that the one that lacks.

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