Contract Research Organization interview discussion

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 Contract Research Organization interview discussion

Contract research organizations (CROs) are one of the organizations that contribute majorly to the economy with more than hundred employments. Therefore, despite the several questions that would come on my mind, I would the CROs that what does it feel like to work for a startup company or CROs?  The reason for asking the questions is based on several factors that have been raised on whether working in big organization adds profit or not. Other articles have been written describing various reasons to choose Start-up Company in place of the CROs. They say that working at Start Company makes an individual more responsible that working at CROs since there are so many employees and some may ride on the performance of other employees.  Additionally, they say that working at a start-up company is more enjoyable as opposed to the CROs since few employees are easy to manage.

Moreover, Veerman claims that there are both the beauty and frustration of working for the CROs.  At CROs, there are some levels of pride working there while on the other hand there is a missing level of secrecy. Therefore, there still exist some who support and disregard working at CROs. However, many reasons and facts have been given more to favor working at start-up companies as compared to the CROs. Therefore, having the CROs for an interview on face to face basis, I would like to get their take on the discussion. Moreover, I would like to hear a retrogressive explanation of the matter and to find out whether the CROs would take the side of the start-up or still maintain that CROs still have the opportunities and chance that exists in small start-up companies.

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