Outside Speech Critique

Outside Speech Critique



Lilia Moritz’s Speech

An introduction is an opening of a speech and is about 10 to 15 percent of the entire time the speaker will take in the speech. It has the power to make the crowd move with or fall out of the speech. Lilia Moritz had an overwhelming support from the audience when it first got out that the most important people are the audience who spared their time for the event. The introduction was strong which began with a proper order of a short story narration about his past life and what he went through in life to make him reach that level. Moreover, standing in the podium with fancy clothes was an addition to the well-spoken vocabularies and the outspoken part of his life that is behind the scene. Proper grooming is an essential part of any speech that connects with the excellent introduction to form a good opening part (Jaffe, 2012).

Audience participation involves making the hall lively by getting some views from them. During his speech, Lilia made sure that after every thirty minutes he would ask something from the audience either a question or a joke to get their minds in motion. This was so powerful magic that I got into the entire speech without any feeling of fatigue or bored. The third aspect is the closing part which incorporates the ending remarks. People were thrilled, and they wanted the talk to go on and on. He again thanked the audience and said he would arrange for another speech on the same matter. Moreover, the speakers’ language was clear with verbal and non-verbal deliveries. He was able to raise his voice when emphasizing on some matters. He also lowered the voice to show an emotional shift for example when he said ‘’ Racism is a bad element that should not exist in a nation’’ The statement was conveyed with emotional emergency through the use of non-verbal cues like frowning to show disgust.

The speaker used words that would emphasize his feelings as either happy or sad at various levels to relate to his constituents. Therefore, according to Jaffe at the middle of participatory change to connect with the listener and that is perhaps what Lilia did to make sure that there is a connection between him and people (Jaffe, 2012). He regularly grouped himself and the audience as a whole which assists in creating a picture of unity and togetherness. The biography and the story of his life touched many people in the hall. The reality of his speech made the audience to understand the entire talk. He said ‘’ as the people of America we have the mandate to ensure that there is no room for racism’’ Many people who felt the pain of racism especially the old professor who took the fore sits felt the speech as they remember their past in some law tones. I felt moved with such an eloquent speech and a massive participation from the audience. I have been in many talks, but this was an extraordinary event of the year based if I was allowed to rank it.

There was much joy, and constant flow from the public gauged through the alternating applauses and worm silence. My sit- mate, would stand most of the times clapping his hands with various applauses. Moreover, the congregation responded well with many raising their hands to give some votes of thanks appreciating the speaker for such an incredible talk show. Personally, I got challenged through this with much lessons learned. I have learned to shape my introduction techniques and skills that will bring my audience to the speech. I have learned to use tonal variations with the right punctuation of words effectively. Moreover, I also learned to involve the public in the speech process and make sure that I maintain an eye contact with the audience. The experience was worth and knowledgeable.


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