The first time I attended primary school

English development II

Johnson Zhou

Rocío Carlos

September 29, 2017

The first time I attended primary school

The first time I went to school was in my hometown, called ‘’Haining.’’ My grandparents took me there by a car.  I was very excited and was admiring the beautiful city. It took us 30 minutes; finally, we got to the school.

I was happy to go to school because it was a guarantee that I would make more friends. It was on a Monday, I stood in front of the school, and there were so many pupils. I had to remain in school to study; my grandparents would come back later to take me home after school, I gave them a big hug as I would miss them. Afterwards, I saw many pupils crying there; it seemed like they didn’t like school. I really couldn’t understand why they were crying, in my thought, I viewed school as a right place, and the school was just another playground that I can hang out with my new friends. After my grandparents were gone, a teacher came take me to my classroom. On the way, I saw slides and playgrounds. Finally, we got to the classroom. I liked the classroom as it was so big with many cube chairs, and very nice drawings on the wall, everything seems nice to me. The teacher told me to sit as we wait for other students to arrive then we would start class.

After all the students expected have arrived, the teacher told everybody to choose a seat of their choice and get seated; I went to the front and chose a red chair. We began introducing ourselves; one would say their name and age. Then it is my turn, I was nervous, but I still had to do it.’’ My name is Zhou Keju, and I am 5 years old’ ’I said. After everybody did introduce themselves, the teacher asked if we would miss our parents or not, some pupils stated crying again, then the teacher went to them and began talking to them, other pupils were sad. I started feeling tired and bored because the teacher didn’t let us go to the field to play this made some pupils even cry more. The environment was different from the one at home, but there was nothing we could do since we were always told that school is good.

The lessons were very long since it was our first to the environment. Finally, I heard the bell, and we were told to go to the field and play. All the pupils began to walk out while others still crying since they could not understand what was going on. However, we got to the playing field, and there were many things to play with such as the balls and others. I started liking the school since it had all the equipment we would need to play with and also enough for all the students. Some of the pupils went to the bouncing causal while I choose to play football since I loved and is my favorite game.  Consequently, some of the pupils who like football joined me and we enjoyed playing as we run all through the field. I began making friends, especially with my football teammates. However, what surprised me is that the pupils who were crying were now laughing and enjoying the games. I wished that break time could be extended but unfortunately the bell rang and we were told to go back to our respective classes.

The shift to class resulted in a change in moods since the class was a bit boring compared to the playground. Many pupils were not happy, but we had to obey the processes and instructions from our teachers. Therefore, we settled in our classes, and the teacher comes to continue with the lessons. There was silence atmosphere in the class which was a sign of fear. Looking around especially from my desk mate, there was no sign of joy at all. The teacher greeted us and taught us a song which brought the moods and attitudes of the pupils back to class. The teacher told us to stand and asked everyone to sing the song since it was a smooth chorus that we used to sing at home with my grandparents. For the first time, everyone in the class participated cheerfully. The teacher was delighted, and we continued with the lesson up to lunchtime. There was a significant difference from the first lesson to the second lesson. The pupils enjoyed the lesson especially the song that we sang. The bell rung, and it was now lunchtime, and the teacher took us to the dining hall.

There were many pupils from various classes, and the hall was packed to capacity. After we had settled, we were served by hall attendants. The food was so delicious, and one would think that its home. We enjoyed the meals, and we walked out by your rate of eating. However, some of the pupils could not eat alone, and they were fed by the hall attendants.  I wondered why this could happen since I learned to eat by myself when I was three years old. I concluded that maybe they were afraid to eat by themselves. Lunchtime was supposed to take one hour. Therefore, some of the pupils who had finished earlier would go to the field to play while others went to classes. I joined the pupils who went to play in the field as we wait for the bell to ring so that we could go back to class. After some 30minutes in the playground, we heard the signal, and we run back to class.

The teacher came in and then asked anyone who has a story that he or she can tell the class. I was nervous, and I looked down. One of the pupils raised his hands, and he was told to come to the front of the class to tell the story. The pupil said the story, and to my surprise, it was one of the stories my grandmother narrated for me the night before that morning. I enjoyed the story, and finally, we clapped for him, and he sits down.  The teacher told us that it was a great time being with us in the school for the first time and the day ended. Moreover, the teacher told us to meet the following and advised us to finish the homework. We walked towards the gate, and I found my grandparents waiting for me outside. Many parents had come to pick up their children from school. I entered the car as my grandparents smiling at me. I was a great day indeed.

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