What’s a Folk song?

Folk song



What’s a Folk song?

Folk music as the name suggests are the populist music of the people. They are traditionally handed over from one generation to another and always speak of a particular event or emotion. Moreover, they are always colloquial and speak the common language owned by a common man in the society. They always reflect on some historical events or any famous people in the culture that is perhaps celebrated.  For example, Barbara is one of the folk songs that date back to the 17th century.  It was commonly sung during the tragic ballad from the British isle and has been passed to the new society by the European occupants.

Moreover, a folk song can also be an inspirational song designed in a native language that is sung by a particular group of people living in one area or country. Folk songs are composed for a specific event that took place in a community or nation; this is done to give reference to an event that took place in a country such as colonization. Barbara Allen by Dylan is one of the songs which are classified and fully illustrates the stages of independence of the United States of America. The song represents some cultural events that took place during pre-colonial days. The song has emotional events that can be felt throughout the word choice used.


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