Frontline: Boston Bombing 9/11

Frontline: Boston Bombing 9/11

The Boston Bombing Issue

In the film, the government through President George Bush encourages the citizens to calm as they will find all the victims responsible for the cowardly act of terrorism. This was then followed by a sitting of the government officials and the security agencies on the way forward to fight insecurity in America through all means. The report and the content of the discussion remained the ‘’top secret America’’. President Bush was determined to start another kind of war with the terrorist. Based on the film, the information to the plans and operation on fighting terrorism went on and nothing was made public. The operation was between the operating bodies and security officials alone to secure the validity of their steps to numb terrorism in the United States.


Based on the film, I am able to understand that wide war between the media and the government. The media wants to inform the public of all the state happenings and the government for security reasons keeps the information as top secret America. The role of the media ‘’ Frontline’’ comes into play through this cowardice act from the terrorist towards Boston bombing. It plays an important role in the welfare of the society, working as an informer, influencer, and educator. Through the media, we were able to get to understand the national events that others could not reach due to distance. Moreover, the media reports on the state of the government as far as the security issues are concerned to the nation. This includes a presidential speech condemning the act and promising the people that everything will be fine.

Moreover, the media takes the stand through Dana priest Tracing the journey from 9/11 to the marathon bombing, examines efforts to improve the information sharing among the federal agencies so as to keep the Americans safe and investigates the secret of the history behind the 12 years battle against terrorism. According to me, I think Dana priest representing the media team is performing an important role but in the wrong department. I believe all the plans and actions are supposed to be left to the security agencies unless she was included in the research party. There are some crucial matters like the national security that should only be left to the responsible agencies and not to the media department. However, I like the aggressiveness of the media.


Top Secret America

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