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Rules on Neil Gaiman’s Poem

One of my favorite piece is the ‘’instructions’’ by Neil Gaiman instructed by Charles Vess. The poem is comic in nature and presents some of the rules on what one should do should one finds themselves suddenly inside a fairy tale and some situations in life. The rules are; pay attention to the cats since they have power. However, do not pay too much attention to them since they can bite you. It is recommended that you just pay enough attention to be safe. Second, if you wake up and find out that it’s all a dream, just be comforted since dreams are the most real stuff. Moreover, when one returns to the real world after that walk, one ought to understand and recognize the situation though it many seams less grey, less boring and less literal.

Moreover, remember to assist everything when they need the help. For example, when a cat tells you to that it’s dirty, you should clean it, when the animal such as a horse request you carry it, you should always try to deliver the services. It is always good to keep the secrets of others. For example, if an eagle will fall from the sky and gives you a feather to keep, you should keep it safe. Therefore, telling a neighbor that an eagle gave you a feather is the betrayal. Again, keep your name a secret since it has its own magic and thus it’s not good to hand it over to everyone. The poem has several rules with much comic.

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