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How to Write a 500-Word Essay?

Write a 500-Word Essay

Writing an essay is an art that describes how well you can put your ideas, perspective, and argument on a piece of paper. If you know how to write an essay, it will not be a task for you to define the word count. In the same manner, your teacher may ask you to write a short essay that too within 500 words. Mostly, it is to check your knowledge of explaining your views in a few words.

When you write an extended essay, you can expand your thinking on the subject matter. Thus, writing a long essay is not as challenging as writing a shorter version. Similarly, you will be bound to describe your views on a topic within 500 words in a short essay format.

What is a Short Essay?

First, writing a short essay is quite popular among high school and college students. Teachers generally advise their students to write short essays in order to check their writing skills. Rather than focusing on how much knowledge you have, they see if you are able to conclude everything within 500 words. In addition, if you are getting help from essay writing services, know that it will not improve your writing skills.

Writing a 500 words essay can be quite challenging as you have to fit everything within the word limit. Moreover, you must follow the same essay writing structure common in other types. Accordingly, it shall include – an introduction, a body paragraph (3 passages), and a conclusion. Now, if you are good at calculation, you cannot exceed 100 words in each paragraph.

So, while there’s no general rule in showcasing your potential for writing a short essay, it’s necessary that you follow certain guidelines to have a better approach to essay writing.

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Classification of Write a 500-Word Essay

If you have a topic and you are not sure how to write a 500 words short essay, don’t worry; we’ll help you out. Firstly, know that write a 500-word essay requires your perspective to write on a particular within a short limit. You cannot make unnecessary remarks while making statements to the point.

For some students, writing a short essay can be fun as they can easily complete it on time. On the other hand, it can be pretty challenging as you have to describe your thoughts on a topic within such a short word count.

Writing a short essay can be approachable for any topic and essay category. You can quickly put the 500 words format for any type of essay writing. Thus, you can write any of the following essays in the easiest method of short essay writing –

  • Argumentative Essay
  • Narrative Essay
  • Persuasive Essay
  • Expository Essay
  • Descriptive Essay

Generally, you can be asked to write a 500 essay on any of the above-mentioned essay types. The reason is teachers will be able to go through the format of a short essay very quickly. Also, if you are able to write a short essay on any type of essay writing, then writing a long one will be quite accurate.

Format of 500 words Essay

The writing style of a 500 words essay will be the same as any other format. Yes, it’s true that writing 500 words with 5 paragraphs will not look suitable. So, you can easily place everything within the word limit while addressing the simple trick of formatting a 500 words essay.

Firstly, you need to categorize your essay into three main parts –

  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraphs
  • Conclusion

Always remember that no matter how short your essay is, it’s necessary that you must include the intro and ending parts essentially. Each section will have a different sort of information, so you must keep the word count accordingly.

Secondly, outline the thoughts that you are going to place under each section. While writing the introduction and conclusion, it’s better if you can keep the matter accurate and to the point. Try not to put more than 200 words at the beginning and end of the essay. Now, you can write down the body paragraphs of your essay with the remaining 300 words.

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How long is write a 500 Word Essay?

People often ask how long is a 500 words essay is, well to answer that, it’s needed they take a teacher’s suggestion. Usually, write a 500-word essay usually only covers about 1 to 2 pages on an A-4 size sheet. Likewise, it depends if you use a single-spaced or double-spaced line page to write an essay.

Some people may avoid it, but there can be other factors that may determine the pages you can cover in short essay writing. For example, what font size you use and how much spacing you give between paragraphs. That’s why it is resembled by the word count limit and not how many pages your essay will cover.

Bottom Line

As stated above, writing a short essay of 500 words may not be as easy as it sounds. So, popularly you take advice from your teacher or look through various essay writing services for the suggestion. But, it’s often considered to write a short essay by yourself as it gives a proper format. Hence, you can write an essay within the word count if you have the right approach to it.

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