An Effective Presentation

An Effective Presentation





Question 1

The preparation to a presentation takes into account several aspects to make it successful and perfect. The performance will depend on some things to be effective which include looking at the audience’s experience level and positions in the company’s. The presentation where the audience is students, and perhaps the support staffs in an organization will be different from the one attended by the professors and the managers and directors of an organization (De Grez, Valcke, & Roozen, 2009). Moreover, based on this, I will make sure that the language and the points for the topic of presentation are correct and precise to suit the educational and roles of the audience. The presentation will touch the high levels of information for the company that can only be understood by the managers and directors. The presentation will be clear or rather based on excellence and the language to keep the audience on the points.

Question 2

The education levels of the audience will affect the presentation that you are supposed to give and offer to the people. When presenting to an audience who are learned, you will make sure that the points are right and to the topic of presentation and arranged suitably to avoid unnecessary questions or mistakes that this person will identify during the presentation. Moreover, this will enable me to conduct extensive research to get the correct points and be familiar with them and to answer the questions that might come from the audience. However, when presenting to some people who are not that learned, an extensive research may not be needed to some extent as to presentation to the learned. This is because the kind of audience will not bother or look at the points academically (De Grez, Valcke, & Roozen, 2009).


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