Common Essay Writing Mistakes Made by Students

Common Essay Writing Mistakes

Introduction Students must develop their essay writing skills throughout their academic careers. But many students struggle with too many specific essays, resulting in too many mistakes that can hinder their academic success. In this blog post, we’ll list some of the most common essay writing mistakes students make when taking notes and give tips on […]

How to Write an Analytical Essay?

how to write an Analytical Essay

Writing an essay in English can be of various formats and writing styles that depict different theories. Among so many types of essays, analytical ones are generally useful for making students learn about analyzing situations. It will further help them understand the importance of analyzing things in their lives. Thus, it’s an essential skill that […]

How to Write a Title for your Essay?

How to Write a Title for your Essay

The very first thing that the reader will notice about your essay is its title. So, while practicing how to write a title for your essay, you are directly attracting the reader’s attention. More so, a good and compelling title will grab the reader’s mind into why they have chosen such a title and what […]