Inclusion in Schools

Taking the feedback from my professor's comments from my Literature Review, I need to have a prototype written from the same topic. The Prototype needs to follow the same format as the submitted example. APA format Headings: Objectives and Purpose, Conceptual Framework, Methods, Findings, Significance. The Methods can be how…continue reading →

Political event

Double spacing about a political event. The assignment is to observe a governmental activity. I have been to a trump rally so that is what I was going to write about.Double spacing about a political event. The assignment is to observe a governmental activity. I have been to a trump…continue reading →

Women Leaders in business

you are welcome to pick form 1 of 8 different topics 1. Truth in advertising 2. Immigration 3. Social Media 4. Women Leaders in business 5. CEO Salaries 6. Profile a CEO 7. The Impact of data breaches 8. Democatic vs Republican president's business impact It needs Abstract Introduction 2…continue reading →

Corporate Finance

This assignment to explore the existence of underpricing phenomena of IPO's in Malaysia Equity market comparing sectors which are Non-Government Linked or State Owned Enterprises AGAINST Government Linked companies or State Owned Enterprises. Part 1 - Examine the IPO's of any FIVE (5) company before 2013 for the underpricing phenomenon.…continue reading →

identity theft

Assume the following: 1) You've been hired as a criminal justice expert by the justice dept.; 2) The justice dept. would like you to research and report on the extent of "identity theft'. 3)explain the difficulties in ascertaining "identity theft" and 4) explain how identity theft can be prevented. The…continue reading →

contextual background of the leader

Key topics from that should be covered in your paper include an in-depth analysis with in-text citations as reference: Briefly providing the contextual background of the leader Describing key reasons why you admire the leader (providing specific examples of actions & behaviors that the leader used with respect to the…continue reading →

America folk art community in Baltimore

What's on the syllabus: An essay devoted to a particular community, 1200 words, identify, describe, and assess the metabolism of selected folk cultural expressions as they occur in contemporary American society, carefully noting the work of other student and scholars similarly engaged, but also adding to the common knowledge. Student…continue reading →

How have developments in media technologies affected our experience of time? Referring to a range of theorists we have examined in the course, reflect upon different understandings of ‘time’ and ‘experience’, and critically assess the relevance of the theories you examine for understanding the contemporary media environment.

I would like a basic essay that will seem that an international student wrote it.I don't want a perfect paper but a grade around 58-62. I usually make even grammar mistakes , I'm not saying you need to do as well but I kind want to be more like my…continue reading →

company analyst

As a company analyst, you have been assigned to assess the data in the case, consider your firm’s alternatives, and make a recommendation to your firm’s top executives. As you consider your recommendation, keep in mind that the final course of action must consider the needs of the driving public,…continue reading →