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How to Write a good Compare-and-Contrast Essay?

Compare-and-Contrast Essay

While most of you may have written a compare-and-contrast essay, you may not know the actual definition of the same. So, when you are writing a compare-and-contrast essay, you have the right to examine your essay from multiple viewpoints.

Most commonly, teachers such essay topics majorly to students in their high school. In a way, they are preparing students to learn advanced academic writing skills for the analytical writing process. Likewise, if you pay proper attention, it’s quite easy to write a good compare-and-contrast essay.

About Compare-and-Contrast Essay

If you have a logical mind, it must be easier for you to understand the meaning of this essay type. More so, when you pick to write a compare-and-contrast essay, you are bound to express your views on two different subject lines.

By the title of the essay type itself, you can easily understand that such essays show different aspects of the same matter. Needless to say, while forming the main structure of the essay into body paragraphs, you must include both aspects. You will describe the similarities and differences in the paragraphs before writing the final analysis.

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What’s the Requirement for Writing Compare-and-Contrast Essays?

While there are so many essay writing classes, it’s essential to attain the knowledge before starting out your points. As stated above, a compare-and-contrast essay will allow you to write two about two subject lines in a single paper.

In simple words, you must cover the two subjects when writing the thesis statement, topic, or descriptive details. Also, it’s essential to think critically before writing down a compare-and-contrast essay. Moreover, you can choose any topic for such an essay that may cover – current events, travel destinations, or any other.

How to Structure a Compare-and-Contrast Essay?

It can be feasible for people to look for the matter in compare-and-contrast essays. However, writing it down may not be as easy as it sounds. So, you’ll need to go through the three main points that help in structuring the essay quickly –

  • Block Method – Here, you can write the matter by discussing it in one complete paragraph. Likewise, start with the second subject in the next paragraph for the whole matter.
  • Alternating Method – In this method, you can compare and contrast the ideas line by line to make them easier to understand. Furthermore, you can continue following this procedure until the conclusion part of the essay.
  • Differences & Similarities – Apart from any other process, you can first talk about the similarities between the subjects. Needless to say, in the next paragraph, you can surely write about the differences by making them simpler to understand.

Process for Writing a Compare-and-Contrast Essay

When preparing to write a compare-and-contrast essay, it’s certain that you should have a clear thinking pattern. Alongside, you can follow the same structure of essay writing that’s common for all types of essays. If you are unsure about writing it on your own, it’s always feasible to go for essay writing services.

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Here are some steps that you follow to write a good compare-and-contrast essay –

1. Outline the Essay Structure

Before penning down your ideas on a compare-and-contrast essay, know that it’s required that you draw an outline structure for the same. It’s essential that, alongside picking out the subject matter, you must be sure how to place it precisely.

2. Maintain a Thesis Statement

Now, if you know about the similarities and differences between the two subjects, it’s time to draw a relationship between them. Also, as you have prewritten the important notes, it will be easier for you to create a thesis statement for your essay.

3. Start with an Introduction

Like any other type of essay writing, it’s needed that you must start with an introduction. Needless to say, keeping your starting paragraph interesting will gain the maximum attention of the reader. Thus, always put your best foot forward while keeping everything in synchronizing order.

4. Determine the Body Paragraphs

Coming at the center point, you’ll need to write down the body structure/paragraphs of the essay. Here, you can compare the matter in one paragraph and contrast it in the other. All in all, it should be suitable for the topic and the main part of the essay.

5. Add a Conclusion

When writing a compare-and-contrast essay, it’s needed that you must write a conclusion that’s apt enough. Likewise, you should also not be a part of something that does not have confirmation. More so, your conclusion should be clear in conveying the right message to the audience.

6. Proofread and Re-Check

When you are all done with the writing and assembling of the essay, make sure you re-check the essay from the start till the end. Before submission, you must correct if there are any grammatical, punctuation, or sentence framing error. Moreover, read the passage more than twice in order to proofread it before submitting it to the teacher.

Bottom Line

Though the above-mentioned criteria for a compare-and-contrast essay are something that anyone can follow. Yet, if you have the complete right to create something of your own. If you are finding it difficult to write one by yourself, there’s always an option for essay writing services. Also, it’s possible that making something unique will bring out the best in writing skills. On the other hand, following the same structure is quite essential for essay writing.

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