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How to Write a Descriptive Essay?

Descriptive Essay

When writing a descriptive essay, it’s possibly seen that the writer tends to display their creative side of writing. It’s likely to say that you can clearly describe anything; it can either be a place or an object. But more necessarily, it can be like an emotion you will explain in terms of your characters in the essay.

Likely, a descriptive essay will be more like a narrative essay where you can put forward your creative writing style. More so, they are very different from other academic essay-writing techniques. Generally, students in their high school and composition classes are asked to write a descriptive essay.

Teachers may ask their students to write a descriptive essay to test their creative side. Through your language, you can convey and create an original essay format describing your imagination. Here we are going to provide you with the best knowledge about descriptive essay writing.

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What exactly is a Descriptive Essay Writing?

While talking about a descriptive essay, in professional terms, is a type of composition or paper that explains everything in detail. You can mostly describe anything, starting from an object, person, process, and event. Accordingly, the writer’s aim will be to create an image inside the reader’s mind through their writing skills.

While writing a descriptive essay, there should be a direct convey of the story that depicts the exactness of – taste, smell, hearing, feeling, and sight. As a matter of fact, the purpose of writing a descriptive essay is to make the reader feel and imagine every bit of emotion.

In addition, when writing such sort of essay, it’s necessary that your essay should have a purpose. For example, if you are telling a story of some sort, make sure there’s a lesson that has a positive impact.

Classic Approaches to Descriptive Essay Writing

There are basically two types of class approaches to writing a descriptive essay. They are as follows –

1. Personal Essay

As the name suggests, in a personal essay, you will be needed to describe your feelings and responses in connection with the experience. Generally, when you write a personal essay, it should be such that it awakes empathy in readers.

There are no general rules when you are writing a personal essay. It can be vague or disorganized, but it must keep the reader engaged with what the writer is trying to portray. Furthermore, you should not back out from using evocative and vivid language while writing a personal essay.

2. Formal Description

If you are already aware, then a formal descriptive can be more like an argumentative essay. Here, you be focusing on describing something in an absolutely clear manner and in detail. Likewise, your language should be communicative and engaging for the reader’s complete involvement. Similarly, though it’s a formal description, you must not keep it too formal, or else it will lessen the focus of the reader.

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Descriptive Essay Topics

If you need to learn about writing on descriptive essay topics, know that it is quite simpler than choosing any other topic. Likely, you will be asked to describe your own experiences on any particular event, object, scene, etc.

On the other hand, your topics can also be something that will focus on your imagination rather than your own experience. So, you have to write accordingly while creating a scene that’s just reliable for the reader’s mind. Or even simply, you can choose a topic on which you have to describe the emotion of the scenario.

Here is the list of popularly known topics for Descriptive writing examples –

  • Explain a place you love
  • Talk about a person you dearly admire
  • Describe the experience of doctors during covid-19
  • Your thinking about leaving planet earth and going to another world
  • Explain anything that makes your heart-break

The ones listed above are some of the common examples of descriptive writing. If you are not given any prompt to write upon, you can simply pick out any topic you are confident about. More so, when you are thinking about the topic, it should be interesting and must have felt that attracts the reader’s mind.

Outline of Descriptive Essay

As you are about to start with a topic in descriptive essay writing, make sure you follow the right format and structure. Likely to say when your essay looks presentable and clean, it will be easier for the audience to stay connected throughout.
Now, here’s the basic Descriptive essay outline that must look up to –

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1. Introduction

We all know that the first part of any essay will be the introduction which will give a brief idea about the following passages that are to follow. Though this part of the essay will be short, it’s necessary to keep the information engaging. Furthermore, the introduction to your essay will consist of three main segments – hook sentence, actual content (information), and thesis statement.

2. Body Paragraph

A body paragraph means that you can include the whole of your description in three body paragraphs. It will usually be like, explaining the characters in the first and then the argument and the overview. If you want, add more paragraphs to your body paragraph to add more information.

3. Conclusion

Now comes the last part of the description essay, where you will be liable to write down the conclusion per your point of view. It’s not necessary that you summarize every point under this heading. But it’s necessary that you should have an original approach to writing it down. In addition, keep the language simple but also do not include any new information in the last part.

Final Thoughts

So, after going through the basic format of writing a descriptive essay, it must have become clear how to begin one yourself. In other words, descriptive writing is quite simpler and easy to understand by the lot. That’s why teachers mostly ask the students to write on such topics, as it keeps their minds engaged. On a similar note, if you require any help, you can refer to an Essay Writing Service to provide you with the best solution.

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