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How to Write a Five-Paragraph Essay?

Five-Paragraph Essay

Writing an essay can be fun and easy if you know the proper techniques in order to make it work. At the same time, if you are not much into essay writing, you need not worry. A five-paragraph essay is the simplest format to help new writers tackle the issue of writing an extended essay. Likewise, writing a five-paragraph essay is possible as it makes the task easy.

What is a Five Paragraph Essay?

Now, it’s simple English and not rocket science that people cannot understand what a five-paragraph essay means. Generally, a five-paragraph essay is the easiest format that helps the writer to constitute an essay. Likely to say, it consists of –

  • One: Introductory Paragraph
  • Three: Body Paragraphs
  • One: Conclusion Paragraph

This is the most common structure of writing an essay, and that’s where the name originates as a “five-paragraph essay.” One special note you can keep in mind is that these types of essay structures are mostly popular for school & college essay writing assignments. More so, this structure may or may not be applicable in literature as it can be short or long, depending upon the topic.

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How to Write a Five-Paragraph Essay?

The best thing about the format of five paragraph essay is that it is applicable to all types of essays. Needless to say, whether you are writing an argumentative, narrative, or any other essay; they can be easily placed under the format of a five-paragraph essay.

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Like with any other essay, when you begin writing it down, there are certain things you need to acquire. For example, knowing the topic and then its thesis and all the other parts that are going to define the whole format. Hence, you can write a five-paragraph essay by following these simple steps –

Step 1. Select the Topic

Among so many topics and subjects, you first have to choose the most suitable topic for the essay. Let’s say you have selected a topic that’s relatable to environmental issues. Now, keeping in mind that you are supposed to write down everything in a total of 5 paragraphs, it’s essential you only surround the significant points.

Step 2. Start your Research

Once you know your topic for the essay, start your research for the same. As you will be using the information in a systematic way, you must start taking down the notes in a series. We would suggest acquiring as much information as you can, and later you may discard the one that’s inappropriate.

Step 3. Conclude the Thesis

Next, you have to write down the thesis, which majorly consists of the main topic of your essay. However, you can redefine the matter without changing the original purpose of the essay’s topic. Henceforth, it will have a deeper impact on your knowledge upon the reader’s mind.

Step 4. Draw an Outline

Here, it typically means that you have to outline your essay in a five-paragraph format. Once you have collected all the reasonable information, now it’s time you should start assembling it accordingly. Moreover, it will make your task easier when you’re actually writing down the entire essay.

Step 5. Start your Essay

When you have everything already prepared, it will be easier to write down the essay in its given format. For those who are not following pre tasks of writing an essay, it will be fiddling for them to write everything appropriately. Moreover, it can be even more time-consuming as they have no clue what goes where and how. So, to avoid that, you can begin writing your essay after acquiring all the things in line.

Step 6. Add the Conclusion

It’s up to you if you are more of a “writing everything in a systemized person,” or else you can follow another method. For example, some people prefer to write the body structure (three paragraphs) at first and leave the introduction and conclusion for later. In this manner, they will have a deeper knowledge of the essay, and writing the conclusion part will be much easier.

Step 7. Proof Check and re-edit

It may be the last the most important step of writing any form of essay. Even if you ask someone from essay writing services, they too will advise you to always proofread and re-check the essay 2 to 3 times before submission. In this manner, you will be excluding the mistakes that we usually make while writing an essay.

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How to Transition Between Paragraphs?

It is a popular question by many people how they switch from one paragraph to another in a smooth flow. Well, that’s a technique you need to learn through continuous practice of writing. All professional writers have this skill of transitioning between paragraphs, as that’s what engages the reader’s mind.

Let’s say you are writing an essay with the highest knowledge, yet you do not know how to end a paragraph smoothly and start the next one. In general, that will not leave an excellent impression about your knowledge or your capability to write. Thus, good writing requires a writer to learn art where you do not leave a paragraph on an incomplete note.

Pro Tip: If you still have no idea how to transition between two paragraphs, you can simply insert transition words. Some of the common examples include – however, accordingly, more so, henceforth, etc.

Bottom Line

When you are considering writing an essay, know that it doesn’t necessarily have to be following a set of rules. It’s often mistaken that an essay has to be in such and such format. However, if you are writing anything from literature, you can be as vast as you want it to be.

In a similar manner, writing a 5 paragraph essay is highly effective and easy at the same time. You can opt to write an essay in such a format at any time, and it will be easier for you to adjust all your points within the limit.

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