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How to Write a Hook for an Essay Writing?

Hook for an Essay Writing

In writing an essay, there are many such components that a bunch may not know of writers. Similarly, most of you may or may not be familiar with the term “hook” in an essay. Now, before you go on a research program in order to find out what is a hook for an essay writing, we’ll inform you about the same in the given article.

What’s a “hook” in an essay?

While you begin with your essay writing, adding a “hook” will not only define your writing style; but also capture the reader’s attention. So, a hook is defined as the first (one or two) sentences of an essay that grabs the audience’s attention and makes them read further.

Even when you understand the purpose of a hook in an essay, it will be tough for you to write it down. Moreover, it is a skill that’s not possessed only by good writers.

To understand this in simpler terms, think of it as using a hook to catch onto something. In accordance, writing a great hook at the beginning is essential for an effective essay writing style. Here, you can read further about the various types of hooks and their examples.

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How to tell if it’s a hook sentence in the essay?

As we have mentioned above, a hook sentence is the opening sentence of an essay that grabs the reader’s attention. So, it has to be something that explains it all within those two lines.

Also, a hook of an essay can never be a substitute for an introduction. Yes, it can be at the beginning of the introduction passage, but it shall be followed by a detailed introduction to the essay.

Here’s much to your understanding, a brief description of how to describe a hook from another part of the introduction.

  • Hook: It should be a short (maximum two lines) opening sentence of the essay that may capture the reader’s focus on the topic.
  • Topic: After writing down the hook, you need to explain your topic and its covering matter.
  • Thesis: Here, you will need to provide your opinion on the topic. It can either be for or against the matter that you choose.

Note: It’s suggested that writing the hook and introduction part of the essay at the end will be much easier for you. In short, you will be able to write it down with more clarity after you have finished writing the essay.

Types of Hook for Essay

Before you engage any further, let’s begin with the most popular types of hooks in writing the essay. Also, these can be looked at as hook examples for essays for the writer’s convenience.

  1. Statistic Hook:

As the term suggests, a statistic hook means engaging your audience using the figures and percentages relevant to your topic. It needs to be real facts that will quickly gain the reader’s attention at once.

Also, it’s the most easier form of hook that you can include in your topic. It’s just that the numbers should be correct and hence proven as per the research.

2. Question Hook:

Have you read something recently that immediately starts with a question? Well, if not, know that a question hook immediately puts a question into the reader’s mind. Generally, a question hook normally consists of curiosity about the topic that’s about to begin.

So, these are simple forms of arousing questions in the reader’s mind. In a way, this hook not only arouses curiosity but is rather simple to add to the essay’s starting.

3. Quotation Hook:

Again, here also, you can predict what you can include in this form of the hook! Let’s say you are writing an essay on environmental issues. So, what you can do is you can take up the most relevant quotation from a famous environmentalist and add it to your essay. Make sure you choose the right quotation that suits the topic you’ll be covering further.

4. Anecdotal Hook:

An anecdotal hook is definitive from the writer’s point of view. Though there are certain types of essays under which you can use an anecdotal hook yet it explains to the reader as something written from a narrative perspective. While describing it further, this type of hook can be a bit more lengthy than other types.

5. Statement Hook:

This is another way of starting your essay by declaring a point at the beginning of the essay. You can give a clear statement that’s relevant to your topic. However, if it’s arguable, the readers will still be determined to read it to know your understanding of the same.

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How to write a hook for an essay writing?

Now, after reading through all these different hooks, it must have become confusing which one to choose. Well, as per suggestion, there’s no rule in writing an essay with the most appropriate hook.

The only thing you need to consider for writing a good hook for an essay writing is –

  1. Your essay topic: It’s necessary to have a hook for an essay that resonates with the idea of the topic. Let’s say you are writing an essay on science, so it will be easy to go with a statistic hook. But, it’s up to you as there are better minds to consider something more relevant.
  2. Your audience: After choosing the topic, it’s more considerable to think about your audience as you need to engage them in the further picture. Thus, depending upon who’s going to read, you can choose the reliable form of hook for the same.

The best hook examples for an essay will be gather from reliable sources. However, if you are writing something of your own, then an anecdote or quotation will do the work.


Every other person looking out ways to write an essay is applying their own strategies to give something new. Needless to say, we, as a reader or audiences, are always intrigue by ideas that are different than others. Similarly, writing a hook for an essay that’s engaging will be highly responsive from the viewer’s end.