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How to Start an Essay: 5 Easy Methods for Starting an Essay

How to Start an Essay 5 Easy Methods for Starting an Essay

More often, a student/learner may come across difficulties while writing an essay. But have you ever wondered why it feels so uneasy about starting an essay? To be honest, writing an essay can be easier than thinking too much about how to begin one.

For most of us, the beginning portion of the essay can be the most challenging. While stating this firmly, it can also be a great method to engage readers with your writing style. Likewise, writers may find difficulty in choosing the right words to start an essay. However, continuous practice and the habit of writing will make them overcome this fear.

There can also be various methods and strategies that you can apply to start an essay precisely. Henceforth, here we are going to discuss some of the best techniques on how to start an essay. Likely, you can use them for starting any form of essay or passage writing.

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How to Start an Essay?

There can be several ways you can choose to begin with your essay writing. Accordingly, having an effective introductory passage will keep the reader informed and motivated toward the upcoming information.

You can go through the following methods and choose the one more suitable for your writing style. Here they are –

1. Write an amusing/shocking fact

They say that if you want to be a good writer, you first have to be a keen reader as well. Likely, you must have read essays that start with a fascinating, intriguing, and amusing fact that grabs the reader’s attention. It is a simple way of attaining the maximum attention of the reader and encourages them to read further for an explanation, elaboration, and context on the fact.

2.Begin with a question

Writing a question that’s relevant to your topic will bring a sense of curiosity to the reader’s mind. Likely, it’s possible to interact with the reader and help them encourage various thoughts on different outlooks. More so, starting an essay with a question is a practical choice for persuasive essay writing. Accordingly, it will also work effortlessly in other sorts of essay writing.

3.Start with a “quote”

When your brain is not giving any idea of your own, it’s better to borrow the thoughts of a known writer. Likewise, it’s always a great way to pick a quote from a famous writer and insert it beautifully at the beginning of your essay. Now, it can be easy to pick the lines of some other writer, but it’s also important to choose the one that relates to your topic.

4.Presenting a dramatic scene

As you choose, how to start an essay, opening it with a dramatic scene will make you utilize your creative side of writing. Likely, most writers display this form of creativeness in writing literary and personal essays. Needless to say, readers will always find it intruding as you give them an imaginary outlook at the very beginning of an essay.

5.Directly write the thesis

Another straightforward method of starting an essay is by simply stating the thesis of your essay topic. When you have the skills of directly putting yourself out there, why not attempt it anyway! Also, this introduction method is a great choice for writing an analytical essay.

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Popular Tips on Essay Writing

Any person who knows the impact of essay writing will also be familiar with choosing the format of the essay. A well-defined essay will always have – structure, evidence, analyses, and organized paragraphs. Likewise, you just have to place them in a set manner as per your essay writing style.

Once you are able to smoothly get into the phase of writing and starting an essay, it will be more enjoyable for you to write on various topics and types of essays. More so, you can learn the following tips for writing an essay –

  • Get into research and compile a list of referable sources from where you are getting information
  • Collect the data and place them into charts and graphs so that you know when and where to place them in the essay
  • You can also write down quotes and citations that are to be present in your essay writing
  • Always pick the questions that you know the answer to while writing relevant information on your topic

It doesn’t matter what essay type you will be writing for. Yes, they all come with unique challenges and language; you must know what’s essential for each type. On the same note, starting an essay with the best opening lines will make your readers rely on your writing style. Further, encourage them to stay in connection with the topic you’ll be writing about.

Bottom Line

Once you become familiar with the usage of techniques, and how to start an essay, it will be much easier for you to write one without laying any stress. Accordingly, you have to be sure about the information you are placing in your essay. Moreover, your introductory passage should always connect with the rest of the passages of the essay. if you face any problem in essay writing you can take also help from Essay Writing Services.

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