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How to Write a Thematic Statement?

Thematic Statement

Writing a book, novel, or prose in the English language is not as easy as people think. There are different types in each writing category with different styles and use of language.

Similarly, the thematic statement is something you may generally come across while writing a novel. On the same note, the actual purpose of a thematic statement is not so commonly known by most writers.

If looking carefully, do you know what exactly does thematic statement means? Also, if there’s any requirement for including a thematic statement, what impact will it make? Well, worry not; we are here to answer all these questions. You can read below the proper knowledge of thematic statements and their application through writing.

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Thematic Statement Implementation in Writing

Generally speaking, the thematic statement can be quite a complex topic to explain as there are various interpretations. The terms used for discussing the thematic statement can be interchangeably used. Furthermore, it can be a bit confusing and difficult to understand the actual implementation of the theme in any writing.

So, firstly you need to understand a thematic statement and apply it to your writing. Initially, it’s important to understand that a thematic statement is usually a part of the novel writing process. Not just that, but if you know how to implement it effectively, your novel and work of fiction will have a greater impact on the audience.

What is a Thematic Statement?

When describing a thematic statement, it will be more like a powerful message that a writer depicts through their work. Also, as stated above, it gives an impactful layout on the complete structure of your story writing.

Not yet able to understand what it is? Don’t worry; go through the following examples to know exactly how a thematic statement sound.

Thematic Statement Examples –

  • There is no such thing as true love.
  • A Kingdom of isolation, and it looks like I am the Queen.
  • Mother’s love is the most powerful of all kinds.
  • Hardship can make or break a relationship/friendship.

So, what you can make out of this statement is the hard-hitting fact of these lines. Similarly, while writing a novel or anything, you need to make statements that closely relate to the story’s theme. Furthermore, if you are able to make a powerful thematic statement, it will
give a deeper meaning to your work.

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How to Write a Thematic Statement?

If you are willing to learn how to write a thematic statement, it will be easy to follow some simple steps. Now, before we begin to explore, you need to understand that a thematic statement will describe the central idea of your fiction. In addition, as the term goes by “statement,” you must write it down in the same tone and format.

To classify it further, a thematic statement will have three different parts –

  • Central Idea of the theme (example – love, history, independence, etc.)
  • The thematic assertion by the Writer
  • Qualifying clause (for explanation)

So, if you are familiar with the writing pattern of the thematic statement, you can follow up the process. While on the other hand, it must be clearly understood as to how and what you shall be writing. In order to write a strong and effective thematic statement, there are some
steps that you need to follow. Here they are – 

1. Find the Idea for the Theme

It’s quite easy to find the theme idea to write a thematic statement. No matter the title/topic of your writing, you just have to be clear about the literature part you are covering.

In order to gather a clear thought, you just have to think back to the main characters and the background of the story. If it’s still unclear, just jot down the points highlighted in the story. Hence, whatever comes to your mind, create a strong statement out of it, suggesting it to be a
thematic statement.

2. Run Through your Thoughts

While writing a thematic statement, it’s essential that the writer should only think from an author’s point of view. Even if you are playing a character in the story, always look through the author’s perspective. That’s how you will be able to find the theme for the piece of
literature that you are writing.

3. Qualifying Clause of the writing

Some professional writers believe that the qualifying clause is an optional part that you need to search through. Moreover, it will be merely a clause that will identify the interchangeable formation of the writing. So, even if you do not consider it, you can always go with the author’s approach for the writing format.

To say the least, there can be many great thematic statement examples, but it certainly highlights the essential parts as well. If you are willing to write down the best thematic statement, you will likely be able to bring out some possible results.

So, What’s the Use of a Thematic Statement?

If you have been through different writing styles of various novelists, you’ll understand that these statements control the central idea of the story. More so, it will guide you in writing your novel to a better extent. In addition, you will be able to shape your strategic approach
toward your writing.

We would suggest that if you are skillfully aware of writing a thematic statement, you would be able to make a special impact on your audience. Likewise, it will make a deeper and richer connection between the author and the reader.

Lastly, there are various ways of implementing a thematic statement in your piece of literature. You just have to be sure about where it needs to be implied and how it’s going to impact the audience. Likewise, you can take help from essay writing service and professionals if there’s
any confusion in implementation.

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