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How to Write an Argumentative Essay?

Argumentative Essay Writing

We all know that writing an essay requires good skills in the English language and its various aspects. Though it can be tough to have knowledge of the complete English vocabulary, writers are learning new things every day. In the same manner, they also need to know about the different types of essays writing and the way they write them in different formats.

While writing an argumentative essay, you need to clearly understand yours for and against the topic. Let’s say you are making some points in your argumentative essay by being fair and respectful. So, to do that, you must learn the elements necessary to present a highly impressive argumentative essay.

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About Argumentative Essay Writing

If you haven’t guessed it from the term itself, an argumentative essay is one in which you need to take a stand either for or against the matter. While writing an argumentative essay, you can support your viewpoint by giving reasoning by being fair. Needless to say, you are bound to present your thoughts and ideas on the topic in a justified manner.

When you are given the assignment to write an argumentative essay on so and so topic, there are so many elements that you need to cover up. At first, you need to acknowledge the type of essay and start your research while keeping the essay format and structure in mind.
Generally, argumentative essays are prepared mainly by school and college students. Also, the topics of these essays are relatively on – science, technology, environment, politics, and others.

Outlining an Argumentative Essay

As long as it is straightforwardly structured, it doesn’t matter what topic you are writing an argumentative essay on. Make sure you align your statements so that it’s easier for the reader to understand your take on the topic.

The primary aim of an argumentative essay is to have a clear understanding by stating the views and reasoning along with the evidence.

Here is the basic structure of an argumentative essay that you may follow –

  • Introduction: Just like any other essay type, it’s necessary that you have an introduction in your argumentative essay as well. As usual, you will outline the topic in the introduction with little background details. In addition, you can also add up evidence to support your thesis as per the topic.
  • Thesis Statement: Now, you need not write it down separately; it’s part of your introduction paragraph. So, you can give a concise statement in which you can write down the central part of your essay topic.
  • Body Paragraph: After stating the introduction part, you will be required to explain your arguments on the essay topic in the following few paragraphs. Always note that your body paragraphs should not cover more than three paragraphs. You need to place different ideas in every other exceeding paragraph. Also, make sure it should connect with others and gradually preceding the information on the matter.
  • Conclusion: Lastly, you can write down your essay’s conclusion to explain your take on the essay to the reader. If you want to keep it more intriguing, you can also write personal anecdotes to explain it further.

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How to claim your argument?

After deciding your topic and on what grounds you need to mention the thesis statement, now you must research how to represent your topic. There are different ways in which you can give your essay’s argument. In general, you can place five types of arguments in your essay. They include –

  1. Fact: At first, you can give in a statement claiming the actuality and originality of the argument. Likewise, you can briefly describe whether the statement is true or false.
  2. Value: It’s necessary that you describe the importance of why you are arguing on the topic. Also, keep your points up to the mark so that it’s easily understandable to the reader.
  3. Definition: You can also define the argument on which you’ll be putting up the whole scenario. Alongside you can also give your interpretation on the same note.
  4. Effect & Cause: While keeping everything in line, you can expand your ideas on the problems that are a part of your essay. Here, you can also explain the effect it has on your saying and arguments.
  5. Policy: Lastly, you must determine the actual role of the essay and how it impacts the reader. More or less, you have to arouse that question in the reader’s mind about how and why your argumentative essay will be possible for the outcome.

Final Thoughts

After choosing to write an argumentative essay, make sure you must have a fair argument on the topic. It’s likely to say that whether you are writing an essay as a general hobby or a publication, always re-check it before submission. In general, giving the best explanation along with the correct structure will resemble a good impact on the readers. Thus, follow the points that are above and write a good argumentative essay in the correct format.