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Here, we inform you about the policies of our company in regard to the user/viewer’s personal data. You’ll better understand how we collect, use, and disclose your personal information as per our company’s policy.

In no other terms we use or disclose your information to anyone from the outside. Also, you can read below the detailed outlook on how we access your information for our better services.

Likewise, if you continue using our website (for any purpose), it’s certainly going to state that you agree to our terms and policies. So, if you do not want us to collect and use your personal data, you may leave the website then and there.

General Information

Accessing our website gives us permission to collect your log information and place cookies on your device. If you wish, you can opt out of storing cookies, as that allows the website to provide other relatable information.

If you register on our website as a customer, we will access the personal data you are providing us directly. It may include – your name, email address, phone number, IP address, browser type, and other information. Henceforth, we may process your personal data only to improve our services as per the lawful acts.

Information Collection & Usage

As stated above, we may have access to your personal information if you allow us to save it. Likewise, your personal information is used to identify your contact details to provide our best services. Also, the data that we have is always for enhancing our services. Moreover, there’s no misinterpretation of the user’s data.

Our website is solely working on providing the best services we can to encourage students. Henceforth, we look forward to maintaining the secrecy of every other person visiting the website to access useful information.

Purpose of Data Storage

You have to be absolutely sure that we are not going to store your information for any unlawful act. In addition, from our perspective, we will process your personal data to personalize your experience on the website. Here you can read below the main purpose for which we store and use your data.

  • Service Provisions: We require your personal data to fulfill the terms and conditions we follow as a service provider. So, our experts will bring the best of knowledge by knowing what you are looking for. In addition, please note that unless you do not provide us with your personal information, we won’t be able to bring out the best in you.
  • Promotion & Specifications: While looking forward to enhancing our services, we will need your personal data to specify you with the upcoming blogs and relatable data. Thus, we will be sending you an email about our latest updates as per your choice and preference.
  • Support: If there’s any requirement for our customer support team, know that we are always available for help. Needless to say, using your contact details only, we will reach out to you in case of need.
  • Updates & Changes: Whenever there are changes on the website, it’ll be necessary to inform you about them. So, our support team will reach out to you if there’s any necessity for updating our viewers about the changes.

Disclosure of Data

By now, it must be understood that we use your personal data to provide a better user experience on the website. The following points will describe what accounts would be liable to disclose the information.

  • For any theft of the company’s assets
  • Any cybercrime activity on the website
  • Checking the misuse of our services
  • Purpose of legislative interests by the law
  • Any financial interference of any kind

You don’t have to worry, as we will surely notify you in any such cases. Likewise, your data is saved on our platform per our policy; it’s safeguarded under the right terms.

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