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How to Write an Essay with a Quote?

Writing an Essay with a Quote

As you start writing an essay, there are several methods to make it more impressive. Similarly, some writers may add a quote that will surely leave a remarkable impression on the reader. While stating a quote, it’s needed that you must know how to enact it into your essay. Here, we will inform you about a few more aspects of start writing your essay with a quote.

What, in actual, is a Quote?

A quotation can be described as a phrase of a sentence that’s borrowed from some text that the author exclusively writes as his/her saying. Remarkably, putting a quote into your essay writing will give the reader a much more knowledgeable approach towards your essay. Thus, you should always consider adding a few quotes to your essay writing, even when you are not starting with one.

If you know much about the topic on which you need to lay out your ideas, it’s better to seek quotes on the same. If you know how to start an essay writing with a quote, it makes your essay stand out among others.

Tips on Start an Essay Writing with a Quote

To make it easier for students to start an essay with a quote, we have further explained some of the popular tips –

  • Choose a quote depending on the topic: While choosing the quote to begin your essay, you must describe it with the utmost certainty. With that, you also need to keep in mind the aim of your topic so that the quote should resonate with the idea.
  • Keep the quote closely relevant: Let’s say you chose a topic that’s quite wide in descriptive terms. So, to directly impact the quote without explaining it further, you need to hit it on the baseline. Likewise, your starting quote of the essay should make the readers connect with the actual title.
  • Always keep the audience in mind: As stated above, your quote should engage the audience; that’s what needs to be done. If your idea is not as simple as it sounds, then it will not be fascinating for the audience. Hence, they may not continue reading the essay any further.
  • Acknowledge the source of the quote: Always remember to put the quote inside double inverted commas. It’s necessary to determine whether the given sentence or phrase belongs to some popular person. Likewise, it will also enhance the knowledge present in the reader’s mind.
  • Make a reliable statement: Once you have written the quote, it’s necessary that you connect it with the essay’s central idea. It will be the highlight of the starting paragraph, so you must not make any mistakes to keep the reader engaged throughout.

Benefits of Starting an Essay with a Quote

Well, to be true, starting an essay with a quote has many benefits. But, at the same time, it may not be suitable for every other essay writing. Here are the following points –

  • If you are adding a quotation to your topic, you are directly giving a proper tone to your essay.
  • As you begin your writing an essay with a quote, you grab the reader’s attention. Also, it will make them value your knowledge of the topic.
  • In a way, your quote will testify to the arguments you’ll make in your essay.
  • If you are unfamiliar with finding the right quotation, it can be very time consuming to put the right claim.
  • Not all, but many people consider a quote to be cliché in general.

Thus, if there are some pros to writing a quote, it also has cons. So, in order to be on the right side, you must avoid making any mistakes and always take advice from an expert on the topic.

What to know while choosing the quote?

Well, it must have become clear how to choose your essay starting quote through the above-mentioned tips. But if there’s still some confusion, you can consider the following points –

  • While looking for a suitable quote to begin your essay with, you must put more effort into the content rather than the person to which it belongs.
  • If you want, you also describe the writer’s understanding behind the quote to which it belongs.
  • When searching for the best quote, you can read it through books, or you can also look for other tools.
  • Make sure the quote that you are mentioning should always has the truest reliable source.


While addressing a quote, we would say it’s a great way to enhance your essay in the reader’s eyes. Also, it will be more reliable for them to trust when the quote is highly impressive in relevance to the topic. So, if you are not likely to say the best through your quote, it’s better not to include it otherwise. On the same note, if you know how to apply it correctly, it will make quite an impression on your topic.