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How to write Structure & Outline of Essay Writing

Structure & Essay Outline

We know that writing an essay can be an easy form or may be a difficult task for some. Even if you have good writing skills, it may not be as fulfilling to write a great essay that’s in the correct format. Moreover, many people are able to convey their ideas through essay writing and not able to maintain the proper structure.

Hence, making your essay easy to read is the best approach to catching the reader’s attention. Therefore, here we will provide you with the basic knowledge about how to structure and outline your essay. However, if you are more inclined towards essay writing services then that’s your own approach.

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What’s the Basic Essay Structure?

It doesn’t matter what topic you choose or what type of essay you are writing. There are certain rules according to which one must be doing essay writing. So the basic of them all, the first thing you need to focus on is the essay structure.

Here we have mentioned the basic format or structure of essay writing –

  • Introduction: The first thing about writing an essay is that you begin with its introduction part. Whether you are writing a formal, personal, scientific, or technical essay, in every type of essay writing, you must begin by giving a brief intro on the subject.You can either keep it short or make it a two-paragraph section. Just make sure the introduction should be something intriguing for the reader. Once the audience can get the main idea from the first two paragraphs, only then will they read further.
  • Thesis Statement: Most students jump to the main body of the essay just after the introduction part. However, they miss out on the thesis statement, which is the most crucial subject matter. Right after giving the intro of the topic, you are supposed to add an argumentative statement on the subject. There you can specify the matter you will be covering in your entire conversation of the essay.
  • Body: Now, while writing an essay, it’s essential to elaborate on the body shall include the main points. You can begin by giving a direct opening and then describing the paragraphs further. Though there’s no limit to writing an essay, make sure each paragraph doesn’t consist of more than 200 to 300 words.
  • Bottom Line/Conclusion: Once you have carefully stated all the necessary points of your essay, now it’s time to write its conclusion. Here, you can simply write about the conclusive part of the whole matter. Also, make sure you do not include any new information about the topic.

Outline for Essay Writing

Most commonly, people avoid making a plan prior to its execution. In a similar manner, while writing an essay, most people may find it unnecessary to outline the structure. Likewise, if you are an expert in writing an essay, you may surely have the skills to figure it out right there. However, if you are still learning, then outlining the essay will be more helpful.

In order to know how much you need to include in every portion of essay writing, it’s a must to have an outline for the same. Here, you can read the necessary points for outlining an essay means –

Here, you can read the necessary points for outlining an essay means –

  1. Pick a Topic: It’s the basic and the foremost essential step to begin writing an essay. Unless and until you will not have an accurate topic for an essay, there’s no means of jotting down the points. Likewise, make sure you choose a topic on which you can do maximum research. Furthermore, choose the points that you will include in the topic so that it gets easy to write them without inconvenience.
  1. Choose Paragraphs for Body: Selecting the topic is the initial step to begin the essay writing part. It’s rather important to divide the topic into several parts. In simple words, ensure your essay has five body paragraphs for easy readability. Even if you choose to have a detailed outline for your body paragraphs, just be sure to mention the topic’s main focus in the thesis statement.
  1. Clarify the Bottom Line: After guiding your audience through the detailed outlook on your subject matter. Now, you have to give a final statement that reflects the purpose of your essay writing. In addition, you must not write from word to word about the description.

Choosing a Topic for Essay Writing

The most important and initial step of writing an essay is choosing the topic you’ll define further. While making a wrong attempt to choose the topic can be outrageous, selecting the right one will have a stronger effect on the audience.

Let’s say that you have selected a topic that’s very outgoing, but you have less knowledge on the subject. Yes, there are always options to go for detailed research. However, that research will be useless if you are unfamiliar with the topic. Likewise, choosing a topic of your interest will always bring out the best parts of your writing skills!

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The best way to find the right topic for essay writing is to apply the following steps –

  • Go for Research – The essential step is to do some research on the topic on your own. It will help you understand the topic without any help from outside sources and widen your thoughts.
  • Lessen your Topic – Let’s say the topic you are selecting is very broad. So, you must figure out the focus area on which you’ll be writing the essay.
  • Take advice from an expert – After all the confirmation, if you are still unsure about the chosen topic. The best advice is to confirm it with a teacher or any expert in that field.

Final Thoughts

While writing an essay can be a fun task for many, some of you may be facing trouble in figuring and outlining the essay. For the same reason, we have mentioned above the easiest way to apply for structure and outline your essay.

While most of you will be finding out ways to write an essay on your own, there are some feasible essay writing services as well. Though they can be useful but that’s up to you and your requirement of the same manner. Also, if there’s any query related to our information, you can share us your query at our contact us page.