Popular Tips on Writing Scholarship or College Essay

Scholarship or College Essay

As you start looking to apply to colleges, you’ll quickly find out that to get admission to a high-ranking college, you need to write an essay that fits the criteria. While most of you will be looking to crack the spell, it is likely that you will get the scholarship simultaneously. If your writing skills […]

How should I write a 1000 Words Essay Writing?

1000 Words Essay Writing

So, you are given a topic to write an essay on. You have calculated all the methods and techniques of writing. You also tend to have the most prominent data that needs to be discussed throughout the essay. But what now? Has your teacher asked you to write an essay of 1000 words? Do you […]

How to Write a Hook for an Essay Writing?

Hook for an Essay Writing

In writing an essay, there are many such components that a bunch may not know of writers. Similarly, most of you may or may not be familiar with the term “hook” in an essay. Now, before you go on a research program in order to find out what is a hook for an essay writing, […]