The Biomedical Field

The Biomedical Field





Question 1

Most of the clinical investigation and management have been faced with some challenges of the limited resources that have reduced the effectiveness of the services. Therefore, based on the limited or the scares resources in most of the clinical departments, a critical decision had to be made to aid in solving the situation and continue with the diagnosis and therapeutic. Diagnostic is comprised with the diagnosis of an illness with the aim of finding the cause of the disease while therapeutic involves the management of the disease after the diagnosis (Beck M, 2010).

 Therefore, in a resource limited set-up or environment, I will use the basic investigation that is available to investigate the illness or the condition and then manage the patients. The choice of what to use in this kind of environment will be influenced by the factors of a scarcity of the resources (Beck M, 2010). For example, where I was supposed to use the magnetic resonance imaging for diagnosis, due to the absence of the machine, I will opt to use a suspected diagnosis with some simple radiological analysis in place of the MRI. Moreover, apart from this, I will also employ the use of historical results that was carried out by the machine to make some simple connections and analysis.

There are some of the companies in the United States and other nations globally which charge people $99 to do the screening test to find out if they have the gene variants or the markers. The process put the most of the people into the risks of contracting an approximate amount of 120 diseases which include conditions like the sickle cell disease, cystic fibrosis, and Tay-Sachs diseases. On the other hand, the DNA test globally is cheap just like the above tests, but the risk is much huge compared to the benefit. It is a test that is carried out on women in the determination of some strains samples which then leads them to the risk of getting cervical cancer. The cost is always $100 as compared to other screening tests and analysis in the health care departments (Beck M, 2010).

Screening or tests are ways of finding out about the existence of a particular disorder in the system of the patients. The patients may be suspected to have some cancer cells while other may suspect to have some conditions like the HIV and AIDs in their systems. Therefore, for this reason, it is imperative to carry out a valid test or screen since the next medication will depend on the recommendation you make from the screen. Therefore, before making any recommendation, as the doctor, I will make sure that the machine has been working well and has a real history for and have performed a correct analysis. Moreover, I will make sure that I have played the test more than ten times with different machines for the accuracy and the efficiency of the test (Beck, M, 2010).

Question 2

The diagnostic company is the Boston heart diagnosis which has a new product to the economy concerned in assisting the people with heart problems which have robbed some people of their precious lives. The company is transforming the treatment of the cardiovascular disease by offering the health providers and the patients with some novels, personalized diagnostic and perhaps the customized lifestyle programs that have the power to change the communication power between the health providers and the patients to share and improve the heart health. The services have helped a lot in the health care in controlling some unnecessary deaths from the condition due to lack of information and ineffective communication (Hadzima, 2005).

The company has a built leadership team of experienced business professionals, clinicians, and partnerships who works together with other health providers to aid in improving the patient’s outcome in the society. The CEO of the company is Susan Hertzberg who is known for her skills of best communication with other people around and making creating good relations with the clients (Hadzima, 2005). Moreover, they provide their services through a CAP accredited, and CLIA certified clinical laboratory and perhaps a staff of supporting medical experts who help in the analysis of information about the patients with the heart problem to find out how they should be talked to effectively.

The company is essential, and its existence in the society is a plus to the people and the health centers that have an increasing number of patients with the heart problem. The provision of the novels and other essential materials to the health care providers to equip them with some skills on how to handle the heart patients effectively is important. However, in the next five years, the company will need to move ahead and make sure that the resources are available to not only the health providers but also to the people in the society for general knowledge. The company also needs to create a website for and motivation programs for the sake of the patients (Hadzima, 2005).


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