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Transition Words: How to use them?

Transition Words

Writing an essay or an article includes so many important aspects to compile the finished product. Transition words are among those important elements needed to enhance the readability of the whole thing. So, are you knowledgeable enough to understand how it works? No! Don’t worry; we will explain transition words and how they can be used in writing an essay or any other matter.

What are Transition Words in Essay?

When at a young stage, we start writing short essays and paragraphs, our teachers tell us about using transitional words. They are basically those words that help organize your writing, and you can place them at the start of a sentence. It includes – additionally, further, secondly, nevertheless, more so, etc.

Not only in words, but you can also use them in a complete phrase to make a whole meaningful sentence. These words are also termed linking or connecting words, constituting a clear text with different ideas. In addition, it allows the reader to understand how you are addressing an argument or concluding a point. Thus, transitional words are most profoundly used in every essay writing format.

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Use of Transition Words in Essay

Transition words in essay are not only added at the beginning of a sentence but can also appear in the middle. Likely, to connect two different thoughts in one frame. More so, it’s important to learn how to place them in order to make a meaningful sentence.

As you must have seen, most transition words appear at the start of a sentence. Generally saying, they are followed by a “comma,” which expresses how the clause relates to the previous sentence. Moreover, placing transition words in an appropriate manner will allow the user to read the text in a smooth manner. Thus, conveying the relationship between the events and thought in a clear outlook.

For example:

  • More so, it has never been appropriate to describe the situation.
  • Nevertheless, there will always be someone more deserving than they are!
  • And finally, you have someone you can rely upon.

Here, all of the highlighted words are referable as transition words. Likely to say it’s not necessary to place a transition word at the beginning of the sentences. If you are well-versed in your writing skills, you place them smoothly in the middle of the sentence.

Types of Transition Words

In standard terms, using transition words in your writing will improve the overall outlook of your writing. That’s the reason why writers lay emphasis on placing them accordingly and removing the vagueness from the essay.

So, in order to understand how to place transition words, it’s important to learn their various types. They are as follows –

1. For Introducing & Agreeing

These words help introduce new ideas and topics into the pre-existing text. Some of the popular words under this category include –

  • Further
  • Moreover
  • In addition
  • Likewise
  • Equally important
  • Firstly (secondly & third)

2. For Opposing and Limiting

There are some transition words that can be used in order to communicate a thought or idea in an opposing manner. Likely, you can use them to give an opinion on something in a clearly disagreeing way. They can be as follows –

  • As much as
  • Unlike
  • While
  • Yet
  • Above all
  • On the other hand

3. For Conditions & Clauses

When applying these types of transitional words, you are showcasing how a specific event relates to the other. Similarly, these words will help to illustrate a direct relationship between the action and its occurrence. They can be as follows –

  • Since
  • Due to
  • As long as
  • Unless
  • Whenever

4. For Describing Examples & Support

These are some of the popular transition words that describe and support your sayings and concepts used in writing. Here are the words that you may use –

  • Indeed
  • To clarify
  • In general
  • In other words
  • Especially

Now, we are not saying these are the only types of transition words. There can be many, but you must use them accordingly.

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Do not Overuse Transition Words!

If you highly favor using transition words and phrases in your sentences, know that there is a limit to everything. Furthermore, you cannot overuse them, or your writing will start to look meaningless.

Also, it’s understandable that you must include transition words in your passage. However, using them too much will also degrade the quality of your writing. So, there can be many other aspects of using these words in writing.

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